Sunday, 20 March 2011

Just A Boat

This blog was getting way too romantic, so this is just a boat, a steamer,
it will appear in the second part of the show, cant tell you more for now, we dont want to spoil the mystery...

Miss Rosette hasn't heard from Senor Lopez for quite a while...tears and sighs and despair... she pulls herself together... buys a ticket for a cruise... she is on the boat right now... on a trip to visit the End of the World.... Patagonia, I believe...

On a more technical note, these are watercolours done separately by me (the boat, the steam and the waves) and composed in Photoshop by Zoran.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Rosette Sends You Roses

...And the crimson haunts you everywhere

The Quite House
Charlotte Mew

I had discovered this almost obscure "poetess" while living in London but it was only after we left that I found out that her last home was just across the street from our flat on Delancy St. in Camden Town...a lot of poets lived around there, maybe not a lot but at least two:Dylan Thomas and Christina Rosetti, for example.
Mews poems are full of dramatic monologues that grab our attention -"I want your life before mine bleeds away", they are never neutral,(me no like neutral) and live to be heard. The people in her poems are locked in houses, rooms...and trapped within the prison of their identities too.( a bit like the three characters in my upcoming performance...) So their minds and thoughts wander but the freedom never quite arrives.
My favourite poems are Rooms, A quoi bon dire and The Quite House and well, some others too although she didn't leave that many.

Charlotte wrote in a letter: "mais il fait ecouter le coeur when there is nothing else to listen to.
I hope you agree ... and Good Night mes amis ... I got carried away with this text, feels like War and Peace... stop.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Ljubljana My Love

Ljubljana should be the most romantic capitol of Europe.
Its name contains the word love and there is a pink Franciscan church in the main square - St. Francis was definitely a romantic chap but I am not so sure about his contemporary followers who wear jeans under their brown robes, ghastly!
Opposite the pretty pink church there is a green statue of our greatest poet gazing forever at his unrequited love Juliet who lived in one of this nice houses in the square. Besides Ljubljana has one river, one castle, one dragon...bridge...oh, do come to visit there is so much more I would like to tell you.