Friday, 23 March 2012

Away with the Fairies

I have been planning on doing a few outfit posts presented in an imaginative, visually stunning, ehm, something along those lines, way. If you have been losing sleep over... what should I wear for an elegant outdoor activity such as birdwatching, this is my sophisticated suggestion.

We haven't spotted many birds but if you look carefully you may notice that the camera was able to register little winged creatures. Now, I am not the sort of person to believe in fairy nonsense however we are in the presence of strong scientific evidence.

Why have they appeared? What are they trying to tell us? Have they been attracted to the little woman wearing an unassuming yet perfect attire for the occasion when what they usually see are huge human beings in Lycra and fleece? We will never know.

skirt: Orvis from Ebay
suit: Charity shop
holdups: TopShop
shoes: bespoke
Visual Effects Supervisor: Zoran