Monday, 27 June 2016

The Daks Dress

I was lucky to find this Daks dress (matching blouse and skirt) in a beautiful crepe cotton from the eighties, I think. I only had to make slight alterations to make it look more contemporary; I shortened
the skirt so that  it is a more flattering midi length and took in the blouse.
The clogs are Maguba from Sweden, they have a nice retro vibe, but are really hard to break in, so not the most comfortable at the moment but hopefully the leather will give in a bit.

We took the pictures in front of the entrance gate to Breda's Castle which is now the home to Dutch Royal  Military Academy. Not much is left from the Renaissance residence but the gate is from the 16th century and was one of the original entrances through the fortifications surrounding the castle.

During the impromptu photo shoot the most amazing thing happened. From around the corner appeared a very organised long row of geese going for an evening stroll or some important parade. It was such a  lovely sight with the adult ones taking care of the little ones, gliding effortlessly on the water and finally disappearing along the canal.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

The Magician

Photography by A. Stopczanska
Makeup & Styling By Mimi Zorz

In these pictures I am wearing my beloved tailcoat, top hat and a fake big belly from my show The Rose and the Tailcoat. So much fun posing when you are in a character pretending to have magical powers. Also, this is my little  homage to the wonderful Charlie Chaplin and here is one of his quotes:
"To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain, and play with it!"

Sunday, 5 June 2016

A vintage blouse

Photography: Zoran Arizanovic
Fujifilm XT1 with Fujinon lens XF50-140mmF2.8

I am wearing a blouse that is older than I am (42 and 3 months, never thought I would get this far:));
and it belonged to Zoran's grandmother whom I have never met.The lipstick is Estee Lauder's Rebellious Rose. I am so used to wearing red and pink lipsticks so this seems  a bit too brown. Sometimes it takes time to get used to see new colours on your face. Otherwise is nice- creamy and very pigmented and the packaging
feels very luxurious.