Monday, 6 August 2012

My New Show: The Flower and the Tailcoat

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This is the illustration for the poster for my new one woman  show which will open on November 14th  at Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana for five nights. 

For the poster I recycled the little fellow from my little I Wish I Was project because I love him so so much and I am glad to say that I've finished the third part and hoping it will soon became my first mini picture book.

And now to the show which is kind of a dance-theatre performance: a mix of movement and handmade art. The aim is to make something as low tech and  as unoriginal as possible,  with painted old fashioned theatre set done by moi, too much makeup, silly props, "passionate" dance moves in other words...prepare yourself for an evening of mystery, romance and murder...absolutely not to be missed this autumn.

Coming from a background in contemporary dance where everything had to be very serious and meaningful is a relief to allow myself to be silly on stage and just try to follow where my heart takes me.