Monday, 13 February 2012

Postcard from Ljubljana

Hello! This is a post about a watercolour, my new business card and a colorized old photograph. None of this seemed interesting enough on its own, so I've put them all together hoping they will produce a dazzling effect on you, my three or four devoted readers.

So let' start with the first item. For all the people from far and distant places, here we have for you a very realistic portrait of Ljubljana, where I live, (pronounced something like "lubiana", the lj is challenging for non-Slavic speakers, I think). It has a Dragon Bridge, a medieval castle, a river runs through it, there are men and women ,as you can see, enjoying watersports, the sun is always shining and everyone is cheerful except when it rains and then it's a different story. Have a look here.

Next is the front and the back of the business card I've designed recently, very pleased with how it turned out- (dusty) pink and green, my favourite colours.

Last, is Zelda Boden, a circus performer from the twenties. I love old circus photographs, magic and sad at the same time. I wanted to make her as beautiful as possible in colour. I wonder what was her act about and how her costume really looked like.