Saturday, 30 January 2016

Mimi in the Newspaper

I have been living in the Netherlands for more than a year now  and a week ago I had the opportunity to perform my magical dance and tricks  for the first time. It was a good night for me and hopefully there will be more to come in the future.

Monday, 11 January 2016

"The Magician Number"

Photography by Agnieszka Stopczanska
On the 22nd of January 2016 I will be performing a short number from
my show The Rose and the Tailcoat  at Electron Cafe, Belcrum weg 19.
The show is part of the children's Cultuurnacht, a cultural night with events happening all around Breda. I will be sharing the stage with the illusionist Jochem Nooijen and we will be performing in blocks of twenty minutes at 19.15 ; 19.50 and at 20.25

About me:
I am a performer and illustrator and I create solo shows which combine movement and visual elements - animation, hand-made props and set design. In creating my shows I am influenced by old circus, silent films, books and everything magical.

... The Rose and Tailcoat is a moving picture book from the past, a sensual nostalgia for silent movies, variety shows, the magic of old circus, an illustrated fairytale from those time when we were children and everything seemed so mysterious and exciting...”
A passage from a review

To watch the trailer and the whole show please visit my vimeo page

To buy tickets for the Cultuurnacht visit their website.