Friday, 4 May 2012

Hide and Seek

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Some time ago I have been kindly told that learning some basics in drawing and painting would benefit my work. I don't have any formal training and for me it was just playing with colours and experimenting with different techniques. I wasn't particularly keen on drawing white boxes and contemplating perspective. So I worried  that the fun would be over and it  would all start to be serious like going to school again. It can get frustrating sometimes, (where's the poetry in this?etc.)
but I have an excellent teacher and after a short course in drawing we moved to tonal painting of still lives. I have a long way to go but am quite pleased with the results and I think they make a nice setting to show my new silk dress and shoes, new to me that is, since I bought them from Oxfam Online Shop, they are good as new and fit perfectly. Can't wait to wear them outside. If you have a wedding reception coming up don't forget to invite me.