Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Living In A Box

This time I fell into a box, so there is little me showing the two summer dresses
I have been wearing with great pleasure over the long and hot summer we had in this part of the world until two days ago.

The navy polka dot one was made by Zoran a year ago, the floral one, which is made from the finest cotton available to mankind :), Acorn from UK, was done by Z. and myself two months ago. The pebbles in the collage, on the other hand, have travelled all the way from Greek Islands and are a kind gift from Spela. I definitely plan to make more cotton dresses for next summer since
they are elegant and comfortable at the same time. Granny chic, here I come!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Elephant In A Box

Meet three new little friends of mine: Sausage dog, Albert the Indian Ellephant and Mina the Terrible Mouse. Lately I have been having fun taking pictures of them in a cigar box and in the Chinese box for ink painting.
Hope you like them.