Monday, 11 February 2013

Workshop in Poreč, Croatia

At the end of  February we will stay in  the seaside town of Poreč in Croatia where Zoran will try to catch the biggest fish in the sea while  I will be teaching  a movement based workshop  which will include a performance of my dazzling act The Snake Lady. The workshop will take place in the town's beautiful theatre from 25th to 27th of February.

The workshop is open to all fitness levels and there are no age limits. All you need  are comfortable clothes, a yoga/pilates mat or something similar and a long scarf or a feather boa (I bought mine here) for a cabaret-ish routine we will learn at the end of the class. The 90 minutes class will start on the floor with a series of gentle exercises to warm up the body, we will then continue "on our feet" with simple, flowing, dance like exercises and finish with an easy and fun routine with the above mentioned prop (a boa or a scarf).

So if you happen to live in Poreč or its surroundings and would like to join me for a few hours of fun please contact

Look forward to meeting you.