Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Happy Birthday Tom!

I made this watercolour a couple of weeks ago for my friend Thomas Hardy, whose birthday is tomorrow and sent it to him. I hope that the gift has arrived in time.
I miss you, dear gentleman farmer, that's all I wanted to say.w

Saturday, 11 June 2011

! New Post !


Dear friends!
Finally a new post. Our computer broke down a few weeks ago, little bastard was only four years old and very expensive, apparently that happens all the time in the computer world at least thats what Zoran, the computer genius, told me. Now we have a new one and we are broke... but we have all this splendid art... in our life. Please admire the poster and the email invitation that Zoran designed for the opening of the show next week. Lets see how this "experiment" turns out.

In the meantime I created... more new splendid... watercolours which I will post soon...:-)