Sunday, 31 July 2011

Coral Sea

Coral Sea is the second part of my show Stitches.

I know, I know you all have been impatiently waiting for this second installment of Splendor:-) In case you are new to this blog or you've missed the first part I urge you to scroll down and have a look at Broken Beat first!!!

After the black and white world of Broken Beat we are now immersed in colour. The animation is done after my watercolours of sea, seabirds, waves, palms...
The movement is circular and fluid as opposed to the mechanical, "broken" and doll like of the first one.

I have been fascinated by mermaids since early age, I think it started with bedtime stories about Ulysses, the legendary Greek king, and his voyage that my father used to tell me when I was little. Those beautiful and sinister mermaids are what I remamber most vividly to this day. And later I read a story about these creatures and in a children's book; in this weird version the mermaid would eat the sailor's ears after she had seduced them. The illustration of sailors on the island without ears was really, really spooky. And of course I adore H.C. Andersen's version, in which the mermaid endures terrible suffering to become human because she had fallen in love with the prince. Oh, the drama...

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Broken Beat

Broken Beat is the title of the first act of my new show Stiches. After much deliberating I have decided to make three posts about the show because... it's made of three parts ( must be a genius) and could not possibly decide which were the best photoghraps and how to fit only five of them into a post.

So welcome into the black and white world of Broken Beat ...the cold, lonely and dusty attic where a doll gradually comes to life, becomes animated and tries to reach out to the word but is finally... well, I will not tell you everything in case you'll be so lucky to see the show:-)

I have designed the costumes, Zoran helped to make them, plus he contributed the soundtrack and a lot of moral support... I am especially proud of this first costume, I think it turned out even better than I have hoped, and it works well with the animation that is projected behind me and sometimes on me.

Besides the corset would be perfectly wearable for a night out in Camden Town:-)

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Tea Dance

Tired of stressful and not-so-glamorous everyday life?
Put on your best clothes and join Miss Rosette for an elegant Tea Dancing event; seductive tango music, beautiful people and plenty of drinks.
Don't be late!

... some ideas for my future project... I am super pleased with the watercolour above
and here comes the Invitation card for anyone who cares to join me:

Drink, and dance and laugh and lie,
Love the reeling midnight through,
For tomorrow we shall die!
(But, alas, we never do.)
~Dorothy Parker

Let's finish for today with this really cute postcard from the 1920's

So long!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

A Butterfly Crossing The Sea

After the very successful or shall we say triumphant opening of her show, Miss R. flew to Japan, as you can see in the picture above, where she is immersing herself in Oriental mystery.

Mesmerizing pictures from the show will be posted soon or when I stop being indecisive
and finally choose which are the best from the thousands that Zoran took.

Since we are in Japanese mood let us remember a beautiful buto dancer Kazuo Ohno who died last year aged 103. He danced well into his nineties and created his most remarkable performances in his sixties and seventies. If you are a fan of that angelic voice that belongs to Anthony Hegarty of the Antony and the Johnsons, you have seen Kazuo on the cover of the CD The Crying Light.

A butterfly crossing the sea.
Or, simply picture the sea and a butterfly.
What's to stop you from flying through the sea?
How would you fly?
You're already threading your way through the waves.