The Rose and the Tailcoat is a 30 minutes long solo show which was premiered in November 2012 at Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana. It combines dance, mime, hand made props and set design. Created and performed by Mojca Žorž the show is nostalgic and sensual influenced by old circus, silent movies and variety shows.
Please have a look at the trailer and review.
“... The Rose and Tailcoat is a moving picture book from the past... a sensual nostalgia for silent movies, variety shows, the magic of old illustrated fairytale from those time when we were children and everything seemed so mysterious and exciting...”
 Daliborka Podboj, Parada plesa

“...and all of this can be seen in this one woman show; who is sometimes wearing a tailcoat and sometimes  fishnet tights, but all along performed  with gentle humour, confetti and bits of story half told and half hidden left levitating somewhere in the air...”
(jz), Jana


Stitches is a solo show that combines movement, computer animation, music and hand-made costumes. The structure is flexible, made of three parts that can be shown togethet or separate on their own. On the stage there is the dancer/performer and the animation is projected on the backdrop. The elements of movement,animation and music interact and complement each other.
Please look at the trailer and read about the show here.

The characters from my shows (please see trailers here)
can be adapted for children's performance at different venues.
Below is Mr. Tailcoat working his magic at a nursery. The act includes incredible magic tricks and a tango with his girlfriend.


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